Monthly Archives: May 2011

  • Most effective Security Tip
    Posted in: Security

    Isn’t it nice to power on your computer and it goes straight into Windows, ready to go? Or maybe you just have to click on your username, but you don’t have to type anything, right? Well that’s basically like leaving your house and car unlocked all the time. Having no password for your computer’s login, […]

  • Win7 – Full System Backup
    Posted in: Tips and Tricks

    The best thing about Windows 7, in my opinion, is it’s awesome backup feature. Older versions of Windows had the ability to back up your documents, photos and stuff, but it was a pain to restore these. Plus, it doesn’t do anything for your programs, system settings and system files. Microsoft calls this special backup […]

  • FREE Office Alternative!
    Posted in: Tips and Tricks

    Sick and tired of buying a new version of Microsoft Office every time you buy a new computer? That’s like an extra $300 each time! Well there’s an alternative out there that handles the basics just as well. It’s called OpenOffice, and it’s based on Java, so it’ll work most operating systems, like Windows and Linux. […]