Monthly Archives: February 2012

  • How to remove consrv.dll virus
    Posted in: Anti-virus help

    I’ve recently fixed a mean virus called ZAccess, which places a consrv.dll file in your Windows\System64 sub-directory. Simply renaming or deleting this file, will cause a Windows 7 machine to fail to restart, because evidently this virus has built a ‘Tripwire’ into the system, so that it’s harder to remove. A couple of things I tried before […]

  • How to manage your E-mail
    Posted in: Tips and Tricks

    No doubt by now you may have more than 1 e-mail addresses, like I do. How do I keep the oversight with all these e-mail accounts, you ask? Well I’ll tell you: First I log go to and check my Gmail, then I go over to my old Hotmail account that I pretty much only use for […]

  • All about Passwords
    Posted in: Security

    What’s the most secure password? – you might be wondering. Well, the simple answer is something random. Something completely unrelated to you. But it’s not enough to pick a passWORD anymore, because hackers will create programs that will simply guess thousands of words per minute until it’s found the right combination. Computers are now strong enough to run through every combination of letters in a 8-digit long password in a scary amount of time…