AVG update stops internet connectivity

Recently, I’ve noticed every time I’d update a client’s AVG anti-virus definitions, it would suddenly cut off my internet connectivity for a brief moment. I’m not just talking about that computer, but the access to the internet from all computers within the network. I thought it was just a bug in my Netgear router, but was proven wrong once I heard from a customer experiencing the same issue on a Linksys router.

Finally, I’ve discovered a setting in AVG that turned out to be the culprit, and can share how to disable this simple checkbox within this article:

  1. Open AVG’s interface, and click on the “Tools” menu.
  2. From this drop-down menu, select “Advanced settings”
  3. On the left side of the Advanced settings screen, left-click “Update”
  4. Now on the right side, you’ll see a check box for “Use DNS Update” – this must be unchecked!
  5. Click apply, and OK to close this screen.
  6. Try updating AVG again after having reset your router

AVG - DNS update option

Hope this trick works for you!

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