Best small business VPN router

At PC-Supportal, we’ve installed many routers for small businesses. Recently, we have installed a lot of different ASUS routers and have had nothing but success with these. They offer the right coverage for Home offices and Small Businesses that want to be able to securely connect via VPN to their resources:

Installing any one of these ASUS-made VPN routers is easy, and setting it up as a PPTP VPN router is just as simple as turning on a switch, then configuring users. The PPTP VPN works with the built-in Windows VPN client, and best of all – ASUS provides you with a free Dynamic DNS account, which works only with these routers. That will prevent you from needing a service like to access your router over the internet.

The device also allows you to plug in external USB 3.0 hard-drives, turning the router into your own version of Dropbox. It has an interface called AiCloud that has iPad/iPhone/Android apps for you to access these files with.

Of course there are many great features that also provide IT Administrators with some great options, which makes this by far the best small business vpn router!

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