Best SSD deals in October 2015

During the last week of September, I was tasked with finding the best deals for solid state drives (SSD) to upgrade some laptops. I found some reviews for first-hand reports, and then found the most reputable vendor with a decent priced deal.

Here are my picks, and in this article I’ll explain these choices in further detail:


We start with the left, the cheapest 1TB Drive.
I recommend if you go this route to have a strong backup system in place. Since SSDs are still in their infancy, the big ones are still very expensive. So to compensate for the big price tag, let’s not pick the best performing, most reliable drive. It will still be more reliable than your existing HDD.

Moving on to the two middle range drives, the 250GB or 500GB Samsung drives
Both of these are from the 850 EVO series, and are the most balanced options in my opinion. They are FAST and reliable, maybe not as reliable as the Intel drives, but still a very good option. Pick 250GB if you’re on a budget and can get by with that little space, or 500GB if you want to future-proof your investment.

Cheapest option for a 240GB drive – $83 for a Patriot drive
Patriot is a manufacturer that’s most known for their RAM or Flash memory. SSDs are pretty close to that kind of technology, so you will see many other memory companies (Crucial is also one of these examples) offering SSDs now. I recommend this drive for breathing new life into old laptops that you know has a bad hard-drive and want to use for one more year.

So what is the best SSD? It will depend on your budget, and what you want out of it. I purchased the 500GB Samsung Drive for myself because I wanted the best balance or best bang for the buck.

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