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Sick and tired of buying a new version of Microsoft Office every time you buy a new computer? That’s like an extra $300 each time! Well there’s an alternative out there that handles the basics just as well. It’s called OpenOffice, and it’s based on Java, so it’ll work most operating systems, like Windows and Linux. To give it a try, download it from here, and install it. No worries, you can keep both this and your current Microsoft Office programs, since they can co-exist.

OpenOffice is even compatible with Word (DOC) and Excel (XLS) files, but you may have to go into the options to make it default to saving documents as *.Doc files.

  • Click Tools -> Options…
  • Click the + next to the Load/Save category on the left, then click General
  • On the right, set the Document Type to “Text Document”
  • Then to the right of that, set the “Always save as” to “Microsoft Word 97/2000 document”.
  • Change the Document type for “Spreadsheet” to “Microsoft Excel …” and to Powerpoint for “Presentation”.
  • Now you’re ready to roll!

The best thing about OpenOffice, is that it can even open the new MS Office 2007’s *.docx files!

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