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Isn’t it nice to power on your computer and it goes straight into Windows, ready to go? Or maybe you just have to click on your username, but you don’t have to type anything, right?

Well that’s basically like leaving your house and car unlocked all the time. Having no password for your computer’s login, means that if anybody were to gain access to your computer (either hacking through the internet or by stealing your laptop), they would have no problems accessing anything on your computer.

The biggest security problem with Windows XP, is that if a program can run itself using the ‘Administrator’ account, it can mess with all the files on the system. In fact, that’s how viruses can infiltrate the computer so deeply. That’s the one thing they did right with Windows Vista, is to assume every program is not supposed to be run with administrative┬áprivileges, but must first ask for permission. Windows 7 makes this process a lot less annoying.

Now if you’re still using Windows XP, the best thing you can do is to make sure you’re up to date, and set a password for all accounts on the computer. You can do this in the Control Panel, under Users. Simply click on your Username, then choose “create a password”. Depending on which version of Windows you have, you can also Right-click on My Computer, and go to “Manage”. There, you’ll find “Local Users and Groups”. In this section, you get the most control over what accounts are active, and how much access they have. Also, here’s where you would change the “Administrator” account’s password to something other than a blank one.

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