What’s the best internet provider in Round Rock, TX?

Everything’s getting faster, since Google Fiber is in town. If you’re one of the few neighborhoods that has Google fiber, you’re a lucky man, and I’m super jealous. But most neighborhoods with Google fiber are currently down south, and if you’re outside of Austin City limits, then you’re also going to have a long wait (years) before they expand to us northerners. Fortunately, Google has lit a fire under other internet providers’ behinds, and now Uverse is also offering a Fiber package. They call it Giga Power. Check availability here: https://www.att.com/shop/u-verse/gigapower.html?&WT.srch=1

Google’s city plans:

If those options fail, then Cable is the fall-back option, which is expensive, but better. Time Warner or Grande are the better quality providers despite potential customer service issues. (which is something all internet providers are lacking these days).

Steer clear of DSL, which is a very outdated, limited technology, and Satellite providers are also poor internet providers.

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