Google Chrome – Why we like it

Chrome is an internet browser developed by Google. There are some things about Google Chrome that we like, and cause us to recommend this browser over all others:

  1. Automatic Updates
    This is something Google has done very well in this case. You never get any messages about updates, you never need to download a new version.
  2. Integrated Flash
    That’s right, flash is built right into the browser, so that’s one less thing that you need to keep updating on your computer. For example, Youtube will work right out of the box, even if Flash isn’t installed on your computer.
  3. It’s fast!
    In comparison to Internet Explorer 8, Google Chrome is like a Ferrari vs. a VW Bug. ┬áIt’s because Chrome’s been built from the ground up for this purpose.
  4. Bookmark Synching
    You can log into your browser using a Google account, and then any bookmarks you have saved will be accessible from any computer you log in to.
  5. Extensions
    While we use this primarily for website development, which is where chrome’s tools really shine, there are tons of cool extensions made to enhance Google’s browser’s capabilities.
  6. Security
    So there are a lot of viruses out there that target the most common browsers available like IE 8. Chrome is not that wide-spread yet, and since Google can so conveniently provide security updates to you, this makes Chrome one of the most secure browsers out there right now.
  7. Easy to install
    Just go to this link and follow the instructions there. After installation, it will show you a quick guide on how to use it. The only 3 things you need to know, is how to add a bookmark by clicking the star, how to search google by using the address bar, and how to add a tab. It’s pretty simple and awesome!
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